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    Mental Health And Well-Being Toolkit

    A practical toolkit for your frontline workers to look after their body, mind, heart and purpose.

    Find Your Glow

    When people come to work, we want to make sure they are safe -- for themselves and their colleagues -- and not inattentive as a result of poor mental health. We want people to go home from work energised rather than drained. We want the situations and relationships that people talk about to their families and friends over dinner to be positive.

    The Mental Health First Aid Kit, GLOW, helps your teams with strategies to look after their body, mind, heart and purpose.

    How Does Work Impact Us?

    We understand the importance of employees’ safety and mental fitness.

    We have developed a practical well-being toolkit that can be used directly by every worker on their mobile phone.



    Get Glowing - The Toolkit 

    Build awareness and help staff take action for their mental health.

    Give them the tools to assist others around them and create an environment (workforce) that is fit for work.

    Reach 100% of Your People 

    Bring the learning to your people with bite sized, relevant training on mobile, easily accessible by any employee, at any time.

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    Access The Toolkit For Free

    To get started, sign up for the Mental Health & Well-being Toolkit.

    Or download our app, StoryShare Learn, and enter the code "glow" to get started!

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    Support Your People's Mental Health With These Tools:  

    • Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit:  Report on any device, any time, anywhere.
    • Microlearning Platform: Delivered through the Evotix Learn EHS&S Training App. Reach 100% of your people with an easily accessible mobile toolkit.
    • Access on Multiple Devices: Accessible on mobile, desktops, screens and tablets.

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