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    Evotix EHS Academy 

    Learn. Inspire. Change.

    Inspire your organization
    to improve its safety maturity.

    Designed for EHS leaders
    new to their role or those experienced
    but always looking to expand their knowledge.


    Access tools to help you facilitate conversations around why health and safety matters: 

    • Take time for yourself to reflect on who you stay safe for 
    • Review the safety maturity of your organization 
    • Discuss what excellence looks like 
    • Download a complimentary 2-hour workshop kit, including session guide and handout

    How does it work? 

    • 30 min free e-learning course 
    • Immediate access to short, impactful content 
    • Accessible in your own time 
    • No time limit. Access content and resources over and over again 
    • New resources and content are frequently added


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    FAQs on Evotix EHS Academy

    What can I expect from Evotix Academy?

    Which industries does Evotix help to transform the way they manage environmental, health and safety (EHS)?

    Are Evotix solutions available on mobile devices?