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    A Tribute to Mavis Nye: Let Her Legacy Live On

    30 November 2023 - Evotix

    Everyone here at Evotix was deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Mavis Nye's passing on November 21, 2023 after a long and hard-fought battle with mesothelioma. In the words of our very own Julian Taylor, who spoke with Mavis on our podcast earlier this year, “Mavis was an inspirational woman who not..

    What Is DART Rate and Why Does It Matter?

    28 November 2023 - Evotix

    When it comes to health and safety, it can sometimes feel like everything boils down to compliance and following the regulations, piece-by-piece. With increasing pressure on companies to record and..

    Building a Safer Tomorrow: A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Occupational Health and Safety

    21 November 2023 - Evotix

    Occupational health and safety (OHS) management is undergoing a significant transformation due to advancements in new digital technologies. The digitalization of workplace safety presents both..

    Preparing for Black Friday: A Retailer's Guide to Safety and Efficiency

    16 November 2023 - Evotix

    As the Black Friday countdown begins, retailers are gearing up for the year's biggest sales and bracing for an enormous rush of in-store shoppers. This surge in customers is particularly significant..

    The Ultimate Guide to EHS&S: Meaning & Importance

    14 November 2023 - Evotix

    What is EHS&S? EHS&S (environment, health, safety and sustainability) is a term that encompasses many processes, guidelines and initiatives that are in place to embed safe operations throughout an..

    EHS&S Strategies for Uncertain Times: Ensuring Business Continuity and Growth

    7 November 2023 - Evotix

    In recent years, the undeniable truth is that we're navigating through times full of unpredictability. As we confront new challenges, businesses are in dire need of adaptability, especially as the..

    Leveraging Safety as a Catalyst for Industry Change

    26 October 2023 - Evotix

    For decades, safety management has been a key component of the corporate landscape. Legislation designed to keep workers and the public safe from harm has driven incident numbers down dramatically...

    Evotix to Represent SAI360’s Full Suite of EHS&S Software Solutions

    18 October 2023 - Evotix

    Earlier this year, SAI360 finalized its purchase of Evotix, a leading global technology company transforming how employees engage in workplace health and safety. Since then, we have been working..

    Microlearning: How To Create Engaging Safety Training for the Goldfish Attention Span

    13 October 2023 - Evotix

    The jury’s still out on whether our attention spans are truly shrinking. Still, we’ve grown accustomed to bite-sized content—from TikTok videos to Instagram reels to the brief Facebook headlines we..

    Beyond World Mental Health Day: Make Well-Being Your Daily Focus

    10 October 2023 - Evotix

    Today is World Mental Health Day, a pivotal date on our calendar that underscores the significance of mental well-being. This day arrives consistently each year, coinciding with a noticeable..