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    Top 10 Benefits of Investing in EHS&S Software

    27 June 2024 - Evotix


    Investing in the right EHS&S software benefits everyone, from the C-suite to workers, suppliers and customers. The key to gaining buy-in from these important stakeholders starts with articulating the return on investment (ROI) of EHS&S technology in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

    By demonstrating the advantages of a comprehensive approach to EHS&S, you can effectively convey the value of EHS&S technology to all stakeholders, ensuring widespread support and successful implementation.

    So, let's get into the top 10 benefits of investing in EHS&S software:

    1. Reduces production losses

    Reduce production losses associated with disruptive events that have not been foreseen. EHS&S professionals spend a lot of their time preventing worst-case scenarios, such as fatalities. Technology can help outline these as the extreme events that need to be avoided.

    2. Limits fines and penalties

    Limit fines and penalties with fewer violations of EHS&S rules and regulations, especially in a continually changing and evolving landscape. Minimize legal and financial exposure and protect brand reputation with optimized regulatory compliance that supports proper data
    to report to regulators in a timely manner, improving audit trails.

    3. Minimizes license and maintenance costs

    Reduce license and maintenance costs associated with outdated systems. Additionally, reduce risks of IT security incidents with outdated and unsupported systems.

    4. Eliminates manual steps 

    Eliminate manual steps in processes and reduce the time taken to investigate, review and approve records. Drive accountability with automated task assignments and tracking.

    5. Reduces absenteeism costs 

    Reduce costs associated with days away from work (absenteeism) and injury management by decreasing the likelihood and severity of injuries and illnesses in the workplace. 

    6. Saves manual time and effort 

    Save manual time and effort to manage EHS&S processes by collecting and consolidating data for company reporting and regulatory reporting. Eliminate effort in verification and cleansing of data required for reporting.

    7. Reduces costs of onboarding and managing contractors

    Reduce costs of onboarding and managing contractors. Provide better support to contractors with access to your EHS&S technology and improve the partnership to reduce risks. 

    8. Cuts remote working costs

    Reduce costs associated with incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses of remote and mobile workforces.

    9. Increases worker satisfaction and engagement

    Improve productivity, keep workers safe and support their well-being with an easily accessible way for employees to engage and provide feedback. 

    10. Improves business performance 

    Ensure you understand your business and its competitive edge. Relate how EHS&S process improvements with digitalization can help your case. Identify overall business performance improvements, including operational savings, using data insights derived from the technology.

    Choosing the right EHS&S software has a multitude of benefits, saving you time, money and effort in several areas of your business.

    Interested in learning more about how to develop a compelling business case for EHS&S software? Check out our toolkit!

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