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    Welcome to the Evotix EHS Academy

    23 May 2022 - Evotix


    At Evotix, we’ve been helping organizations on their health and safety journeys for more than 25 years. Through our thousands of interactions, we have identified a gap—one that Evotix EHS Academy is designed to fill. Look for training in EHS and you will find stacks of specific content, such as how to conduct a forklift inspection or the regulations applying to working at height. But nowhere is there a concise, practical guide to those who lead the function, whether new or experienced, about what it takes to be an effective EHS leader.   

    That’s why we’re launching the Evotix Academy, an EHS practitioner’s guide to support you on your health and safety journey, wherever you might be. Whether you’re new to the role or looking to level up, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step training, tools and industry stories all delivered neatly through our online app, giving you the confidence to transform your health and safety initiatives. The best news of all? It’s completely free, because we believe it’s just that important to you and your organization.  

    Changing the narrative  

    In many organizations, health and safety is still seen as a checkbox exercise, often relying on manual methods passed down from the previous generation of EHS professionals. Perhaps these business leaders are only concerned with bottom line profits, insurance costs and fulfilling the bare minimum when it comes to health and safety requirements. Maybe they don’t realize the opportunity to drive positive change, using EHS solutions as a catalyst to improve operations and workforce wellbeing, as well as protecting brand reputation and limiting claims costs.  

    Why is it worth doing? Gallup has found that more engaged workforces experience 64% fewer accidents and tools like Evotix Assure can help engage your teams around health and safety. That engagement, in turn, is key to successful practices and exceptional operations. 

    Perhaps you’re a leader yourself or are new to your leadership role and don’t know where to start when it comes to tackling health and safety issues in an accessible and engaging way for your employees. If you want to be a change agent, you need to know how to identify and discuss the EHS maturity of your company. 

    We are familiar with these situations and scenarios and Evotix EHS Academy is here to change that, with you in the driver’s seat as the change maker. 

    Practical Guidance for an EHS Movement 

    The Evotix EHS Academy offers practical guidance and tools to help you build the confidence to start an EHS movement within your organization. Understanding that change can’t be executed at just one level or by a single person, these courses support EHS professionals, leadership teams and change makers who will champion health and safety within their teams, no matter what level they are.  

    By taking part in this online course, you’ll be empowered to confidently run workshops or facilitate conversations with your leadership team about the most pressing, all-encompassing EHS matters that are affecting your business. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have access to an EHS toolkit to educate and engage employees and colleagues.  

    The EHS Academy provides you with: 

    • Health and safety subject knowledge, such as how to recognize and mitigate hazards and risks, the importance of incident management and establishing a reporting mindset.  
    • Leadership skills that health and safety professionals must possess to have the right conversations with stakeholders and impact change in their organization. 
    • A collection of tools and resources that are crucial in a health and safety environment.  
    • A step-by-step guide to successfully launching and embedding our state-of-the-art EHS software.  

    By the end of your journey with the Evotix EHS Academy, you and your people will understand the impact of not putting people’s health and safety first. You’ll be able to identify and discuss the health and safety maturity of your organization and feel confident teaching your leadership team and employees across the entire organization that health and safety matters. 

    Become a change maker in your business 

    The Evotix EHS Academy is your partner in driving change. We want to give you, your team and your business the confidence to transform. Access the free resources in Evotix EHS Academy to embed a value adding approach to safety from top to bottom in your organization. 

    By working together, we can achieve this transformation. Join us on our mission: try the EHS Academy today and become a change maker in your organization. 

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