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    At Evotix People Are Our Superpower

    9 February 2023 - Evotix


    As a company, we exist to bring people and technology together with intuitive, human tools that radically change organizations’ approach to health and safety. Our technology helps solve EHS challenges to create a safer, smarter workplace – and that safer, smarter environment stands for our own employees, as much as for our customers. We’ve made it our mission to create dynamic EHS and well-being solutions built for a rapidly changing world, and we’ve upskilled and developed our own teams to make it happen.

    “We love our people,” explains Matthew Elson, CEO. “Beyond the genuine satisfaction of seeing an employee thrive at Evotix, a happier workforce has untold benefits to the business - from increased productivity to less headcount churn and ultimately a healthier bottom line.”

    Championing our ‘confidence to transform’ mindset, we look to do exactly that by helping to transform our employees’ careers. When Will Worsley, Senior Solutions Consultant, joined the business in June 2019, he was initially part of the sales team, but quickly realized that sales wasn’t his forte.

    “Rather than kick me out,” says Will, “the business saw my potential and my aptitude for product and product knowledge, so they moved me to a different team where my skills could be put to better use. I have been promoted from a junior through to a senior position and I have been given so many opportunities along the way. I enrolled in various courses and am now pursuing a degree whilst working for Evotix – paid for by the business. I also get to travel and recently spent two months in Chicago learning the ropes. If you work hard, try hard and show interest, the opportunities are huge here.”

    Marissa Jambrone, Director of Marketing, was part of the Global Leadership Program (GLP) at Evotix. She explains that the support and training she received has been so important in helping her grow both personally and professionally. “At Evotix I feel supported, seen and listened to. Whenever I need help, I know there is a team of professionals – that I can honestly call friends – who will step in and support me,” she says.

    I have a lot of anxiety and suffer from imposter syndrome, yet thanks to the GLP, I have had training to deal with this. It has helped me understand that I too deserve a seat at the table, and it has genuinely changed my life inside and out. I have never been at a company like this that really wants to help their employees grow. I am so grateful, and I want to give everything I can back to the business. I can’t thank senior leadership enough,” she adds.

    Evotix is a place that offers untold opportunities for employees keen to rise to the challenge – and it’s done in a safe, collaborative, helpful environment, where training is key.

    We want people to thrive at work,” adds Kimberly Baker, COO. “We want to change the world and take our teams with us. We are a strong team with a powerful ethos. People join us because they want to make a difference. Anyone with a ‘can do’ attitude who likes to get things done will have the space and support to grow their career at Evotix. We invest in our people.”

    Finding a business that genuinely invests in its people is worth its weight in gold and we aspire to be one of those businesses. As Damian Hooper, Software Engineering Manager says, “the people at Evotix are amazing” and we think so too. In a world where competition is rife, working for a company that invests in talent and sees its teams as a major driver for success is a huge plus. We don’t want to just create jobs, but rather help create and shape careers. It creates a place for individuals to thrive and grow in a happy, healthy environment.

    If you’re considering your next career move or want to know a little more, check out our career opportunities here.

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