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    Health and safety download with … Matt Collinson

    28 November 2017 - SHE Software Ltd


    This month’s health and safety download features Matt Collinson, Head of Customer Relations, SHE Software.

    Matt Collinson

    Matt leads the customer relationship team in the UK, working closely with both customers and colleagues to make sure that all users are benefiting from our health and safety software Assure and any training needs are identified. An important part of Matt’s role is listening to customer feedback to ensure that customers continually benefit from a seamless user experience.

    Find out more about Matt’s role, his background and what he sees as some of the key safety challenges organisations are facing.


    Matt, tell us a bit about yourself?

    I recently celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife and have two sons who keep me on my toes, plus a montage of reptile pets!

    I joined SHE Software in 2015, as a Customer Relationship Manager and was promoted to Head of Customer Relations earlier this year.


    What led you to work for SHE Software?

    I started my career working in sales back in 1989 and haven’t looked back! I love the customer interaction part of the role, listening and getting under the skin of their business challenges and how to help solve them.

    There is an old sales adage that says people buy people. After meeting Matthew Elson, CEO and Andy Hutt, Vice President Sales and listening to their vision for SHE Software, the rest, as they say, is history.


    What does a typical day look like?

    My role is completely customer-centric. I am either out visiting customers, speaking to them on the phone or emailing them! My key focus is to make sure our customers are leveraging as much as they can from the solution.


    You recently led our 2017 Customer User Group series, tell us more?

    Designed specifically for our customers, our annual Customer User Group events took place in late October/early November across three locations in the UK.

    Following the format of a ‘SHE Community’ networking forum, the events provide a fantastic opportunity for customers to meet similar professionals to share experiences, discuss shared challenges and hear about upcoming developments for our health and safety software, Assure.  We also run technical support sessions and have a range of presentations from customers and industry experts.


    You speak to a range of safety professionals across different sectors daily.  What are you seeing as the main safety challenges being faced?

    The top and number one challenge I see being faced is successfully getting all employees engaged and fully immersed in a strong health and safety culture. This can be difficult to achieve, but if done right, can reap rewards for an organisation and their safety performance. Accessibility, communication and inclusion are key.

    The revised sentencing guidelines introduced last year have also changed the legal landscape, with fines up to £10m and possible custodial sentences as well as brand and reputational consequences. This has upped the ante for organisations to ensure they have all relevant information needed to prove compliance and they have confidence in their health and safety performance data.


    What are the 3 main ways that customers are benefiting from using our software in managing their health and safety performance?

    Oh wow, there are quite a few! If I have to choose three it would have to be: streamlining of administration; greater visibility of trends and key issues; reduction of incident claims.


    So, Matt when you are not working, how do you relax?

    I love spending time with my family and travelling. We are all keen nature fans so we regularly go on nature walks or ‘nature related’ holidays. Whale shark spotting in Mexico and killer whale spotting in Norway have been amongst our favourite trips.


    What is your guilty pleasure?

    As it’s that time of year again, it has to be I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! My wife and I are huge fans of Ant and Dec, plus there seems to be a great line up this year.


    Describe yourself in three words.  

    Laidback, friendly, always hungry (I know that’s four words!).




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