Powerful EHS Management Software that will help keep your employees safe.

Industry-leading Health & Safety Management Technology with data driven analytics to automatically spot at risk behavioural trends.





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Our Predictive and Preventative Insights Helps Reduce Incidents, Near-Misses and Injuries  

Our software solution Assure, is a mobile first solution that will help you track, record and report on health and safety information in real time. We help embed safety thinking into your business by identifying trends and tracking leading indicators so you can make effective interventions to prevent and reduce incidents and injuries.

Highly configurable, easy to implement and accessible to everyone, our intuitive dashboards provide transparency to improve compliance and safety performance by enabling you to quickly analyse data to make empowered decisions through insights.  React fast, drive operational efficiencies and get better visibility so you can protect your people, ensure business compliance and reduce risks.  


Ensure Compliance. Reduce Risks.

Manage ongoing compliance to all regulations, legislation and standards. Identify and mitigate risks, minimise incidents and impacts. Deliver cutting edge performance by using business intelligence tools to gain predictive and preventative insights.


Protect all of your People.

Ensure your people are safe to come to work are also safe once they are at work. Connect your people on the floor to the executive team in the boardroom with health and safety software that empowers and engages everyone to think and act safely all the time.


Ensure a Safe Workplace.

Ensure business continuity and your businesses legal obligation to provide a workplace that is safe and free of risks. Available to all your people, we'll help your team feel safe at work so they are productive contributors to your business. 

Ensure Your People's Safety. Build a Culture of Safety & Engagement.




Assure is health and safety software designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organisation's workplace health, safety and compliance needs.

Its powerful predictive and preventative insights helps your business efficiency, while engaging and empowering workers to make faster and smarter decisions which ensure the safest possible work environment.




Gain Visibility & Transparency

Get valuable predictive and preventable insights along with robust real time reporting.




Improve Cost Efficiency & Time Savings

Save time, energy and effort by simplifying existing manual and paper processes. Reduce insurance premiums and claims.




Drive Productivity Gains through Automation

Automate time consuming repetitive and routine tasks so you can focus on prevention. Mobile Accessible and highly configurable.




Build Trust &  Accountability

Build a safety culture of engagement at all levels - managers, workers and contractors.

HSE Software that scales with your business growth and complexity


Assure health and safety software is designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organization's workplace health, safety and compliance needs.

Perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry demands of varying sizes, Assure allows you to standardize your processes and set expectations. Build a safety culture of engagement at all levels by keeping everyone accountable and responsible.




TOP Advies works with SHE Software in the Netherlands to help customers to get the best out of Assure.

Together we translate your ambitions into clear policy, visible risk & process management and ultimately a smooth and effective operational process.

At TOP Advies we like to challenge our customers. No temporary short term improvements, but changes that are sustainable and contribute in a structured way to the continuity of your business; Realizing Impact Together

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