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    EHS and ESG Solutions


    Whether you're looking to optimise risk management, EHS, ESG or sustainability, our integrated software has a solution for you.

    Our Suite of Solutions Help You Proactively Manage Your Safety Activities: 

    Safety Management

    Incident Management

    Seamlessly manage the full incident lifecycle, from initial reporting to investigation and closure of actions.

    Safety Management

    EHS Risk Management

    Implement safety risk management processes and best practices that empower your team to proactively identify, analyse and control hazards and risks.

    Safety Management

    Audits & Inspections

    Digitise and centralise your paper-based audits and inspections processes, enabling real-time completion with mobile tools to swiftly address issues and drive continuous improvement.

    Safety Management

    Contractor Management

    Effectively manage your list of compliant and qualified contractors, ensuring alignment with your safety standards to foster secure workplaces for everyone.

    Environmental Management Safety Management

    Chemical Management

    Support your teams with an up-to-date chemical or substance register, so they can safely handle, store and transport chemicals or chemical substances.

    Safety Management

    SDS Management

    Create and manage your own SDS library. Quickly search and select completed Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and stay updated with alerts for any revisions. Share with staff using mobile tools to provide easy access to critical information.

    Safety Management

    Behaviour-Based Safety

    Promote positive organisational change and make health and safety an integral part of everyday operations.

    Safety Management

    Asset Management

    Ensure your equipment, assets, machinery and personal protective equipment (PPE) are available for issue, maintained and safe to use when needed.

    Learning and Training Safety Management

    Digital Procedures

    Transform lengthy paper procedures into interactive guides, making them easily accessible for frontline workers on mobile devices.

    Safety Management

    Shift Handover

    Drive consistency in your shift handover processes by providing your operational teams with an easy-to-use digital tool that enables seamless communication during and after the handover.

    Learning and Training

    Training Management

    Plan your employee safety and compliance training program and monitor to ensure employees are competent, and you comply with regulations.

    Learning and Training

    Microlearning for Safety

    Deliver relevant, video-based training and resources accessible on mobile devices at any time. Make learning fun, while increasing safety awareness.

    Learning and Training

    Content Library

    Get started quickly by choosing from our extensive library of safety and compliance courses created by accredited content providers globally.

    Environmental Management

    Environmental Compliance

    Ensure that you consistently adhere to environmental laws, regulations and permits to avoid fines and penalties.

    Environmental Management

    Environmental Permits

    Gain a comprehensive view of your environmental permits with a centralised register that gives visibility to associated risks and obligations.

    Occupational Health

    Occupational Health

    Prioritise proactive occupational health management to experience a healthier workforce, increase productivity, and benefit economically from decreased absences and compliance with regulations.

    Industrial Hygiene

    Industrial Hygiene

    Proactively monitor employees' health and implement effective control measures to mitigate workplace health risks.

    Occupational Health

    Case Management

    Ensure early intervention for quicker and safer return to work while monitoring and managing compensation costs for work-related health issues.

    Occupational Health

    Drug/Alcohol Testing

    Improve your organisation's occupational health and safety standards and Fit for Work' policy through drug and alcohol testing for a safer and more secure working environment.

    Occupational Health

    Ergonomic Assessments

    Prevent future work-related injuries by identifying and controlling problems early.

    Occupational Health

    Psychosocial Event

    Create a sense of well-being and purpose for individuals, teams, and organisations by capturing and monitoring psychosocial hazards and risk factors.

    Operational Risk Management

    Risk Analysis and Control Management

    Confidently identify, assess and mitigate operational risks effectively with tools aligned to 31000 to ensure safe workplaces, regulatory compliance, and strategic business alignment.

    Operational Risk Management

    Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Prepare for potential emergencies with appropriate emergency response plans for the safety of your organisation and peace of mind.

    Operational Risk Management

    Control of Work

    Mitigate operational risk at every level while remaining compliant with our Control of Work offering that includes Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolation management (LOTO) and Shift Handover.

    Operational Risk Management

    Management of Change

    Manage change in the organisation using a standardised approach to ensure safe and efficient changes to processes, people, and equipment.

    Operational Risk Management

    Permit to Work

    Make the permit-to-work process easier by using a streamlined system that allows for requesting, reviewing, and approving permits.

    Operational Risk Management

    Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

    Improve your team's ability to conduct PHAs and reduce the risk of hazardous events.

    Operational Risk Management


    Provide workers with mobile-ready lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures to guide shutdowns and isolations for safety and secure equipment handling.

    ESG and Sustainability

    Metrics Management

    Measure and report what matters most on your ESG and sustainability journey with streamlined data collection, powerful formulae metrics, analytics and efficient disclosure reporting across multiple frameworks.

    ESG and Sustainability Safety Management

    Regulatory and Compliance Management

    Monitor and automate ESG compliance and stay updated with ever-evolving regulatory and multiple disclosure frameworks.

    ESG and Sustainability

    Business Planning

    Manage ESG and sustainability objectives, goals and targets in a centralised system to drive accountability by recording action plans with action owners and due dates.

    Environmental Management ESG and Sustainability

    Waste Management

    Streamline and track the various stages of waste management and disposal to effectively ensure compliance with regulations.

    Environmental Management ESG and Sustainability

    Emission Management

    Streamline data collection, emissions calculations, and reporting to maximise regulatory reporting efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

    ESG and Sustainability

    Stakeholder Management

    Manage and prioritise stakeholders’ interactions and deliver effective engagement to demonstrate and prove sustainability commitment to key stakeholders and investors.


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    Powerful Tools Drive Your EHS and Sustainability Transformation:  

    • Mobile App: Boost workforce engagement and enable EHS&S activities in the field with a simple app that is easy to self-configure.
    • Built-In Data Analytics and Visualisation: Empower key decision-makers with the information they need to mitigate risks and prioritise initiatives.
    • Embedded Regulatory Content: Access regulatory content with monitoring and enforcing capabilities. 
    • Self-Configuration Tools and Form Builder: Tailor the solution to your unique needs and goals by easily adapting built-in best practices to meet your requirements.
    • Workflow Management: Configure workflows to support your business processes. Automate notifications and reminders to ensure the right people are informed.
    • Action and Task Management: Ensure improvements get implemented and actions are completed on schedule with robust task management on both mobile and desktop.
    • Document Management: Provide access to relevant and correct documentation, including policies, procedures, safe work practices and more in one central location.
    • APIs and Integrations: Integrate your EHS&S solution with your organisation’s systems to update master data or extract your records to include as part of business-wide reporting.
    • Multilingual Options: Provide all people with access to the right EHS&S tools in their preferred language. Easily understand and review data in your own preferred language to ensure learning can be shared across geographies. 

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