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    UK Webinar - Mind the Gap ..

    20 September 2018 - SHE Software Ltd


    Bridging the generation gap in safety engagement

    The world of work is changing – rapidly evolving demographics and working practices are creating an increasingly diverse workforce. What steps can organisations take to engage their entire workforce in safety?

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    As the 21st century progresses, multigenerational workforces are changing the face of the workplace. 

    The global workforce now spans multiple generations, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, with Gen X- and Y-ers in between – Millenials alone will make up more than half the world’s workers by 2020.

    From our conversations with safety professionals, we find that some organisations struggle to successfully engage both younger and older generations with safety, especially where perspectives, values, ideas and attitudes may differ.

    But common ground between the generations does exist – there are many potential opportunities for collaboration, enabling two-way dialogues and influencing positive safety behaviours.

    So how can organisations engage a multigenerational workforce in safety? What role does technology play in helping to encourage engagement?

    Webinar Details: Thursday September 27 @ 3pm (BST)

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    Mind the gap: bridging the generation gap in safety engagement

    Join the team from SHE Software for a short, informative 20-minute webinar (plus Q&A) on Thursday 27 September where we will discuss how organisations can use technology to help remove the barriers to safety engagement across their workforce.

    Presenters will discuss:

    • Why do we need to change perceptions around safety?
    • Adopting a simplistic approach
    • The role of leadership in engaging with safety

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