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    Engaging gen-z to baby boomers: h&s for a multi-generational workforce

    5 December 2019 - Evotix


    Work in manufacturing? Then join us on 10th December for this co-hosted Make UK webinar.


    Time/Date: 11am (GMT) on Tuesday 10 Dec 

    Suitable for: Organisations in the manufacturing sector 

    Duration: 45 minutes 

    Presenters: Julian Taylor, SHE Software and Chris Newson, Make UK 

    Register your interest: Email 


    In a world where more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush and human beings have a shorter attention span than goldfish, how are you engaging your workforce in health and safety?  

    Many organisations tell us that they struggle to keep up with each new wave of employees from Gen-Z to ‘digital native’ millennials, bringing their own set of expectations in how they prefer to receive and provide information. A ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work.  

    By drawing on the experience and knowledge of the baby boomers and exploring how younger generations interact with technology, there are a lot of key learnings which can be adopted to engage your multi-generational workforce in health and safety.  

    Join Julian Taylor, Head of Solutions Architects at SHE Software and Chris Newson, Head of Product Development at Make UK for a complimentary webinar on 10th December at 11am where they will be discussing how you can ‘crack the code’ to engage a multi-generational workforce in health and safety.  

    This webinar will help you: 

    • Understand the generational cues to connect and influence people of different ages  
    • Discover how adopting technologies can break down barriers and give employees the power to take part in a safety conversation 
    • Adopt new strategies that engage the whole workforce 
    • Implement approaches to training that enthuse both new and long serving employees 


    Who should attend? 
    Health and safety managers and directors, those responsible for health and safety management and those responsible for improving efficiencies or implementing systems and technology within the manufacturing sectors. 

    How do I register? 
    Simply email to reserve your place. 
    I can’t make that day, can I watch the webinar on demand? 
    If you can’t make it on the day, email and we’ll send you a catch-up link afterwards.   




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