Powerful Safety Management Software built Mobile First for a Modern Work Place.

Industry-leading EHS Management Technology that'll engage frontline workers anywhere at anytime.





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Industry Leading Safety Management Software Trusted by Thousands












Ensure Compliance. Reduce Risks.

Manage ongoing compliance to all regulations, legislation and standards. Identify and mitigate risks, minimize incidents and impacts.


Protect all of your People.

Ensure your people are safe to come to work are also safe once they are at work.


Ensure a Safe Workplace.

Ensure business continuity and your businesses legal obligation to provide a workplace that is safe and free of risks.

Health & Safety Software that scales with your business growth and complexity


Assure health and safety software is designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organization's workplace health, safety and compliance needs.

Perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry demands of varying sizes, Assure gives allows you to standardize your processes and set expectations. Build a safety culture of engagement at all levels by keeping everyone accountable and responsible.

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Insights+ helps you transform data into actions

Move beyond standard weekly and monthly reporting to the world of fluid, accurate insights. Insights+ helps you to identify trends, track leading indicators and predict where preventative interventions will be most effective.

Effective health and safety management is not simply about tracking and recording – it’s about using that information to gain insights and take actions that make a positive impact.


Our Modules


Simple, effective risk management tools to identify, assess and manage.


Report incidents. Gather insights. Improve performance.


Audit, check and inspect with confidence with our dynamic templates.


Protect all your assets to ensure safety, operability and profitability.


Modify behaviors and encourage your team to put health and safety first.


Track skills, certifications, performance and risk profile.


Standardize pre-qualification and management of contractors.


Record, monitor, manage and audit your environmental compliance.


Report & access safety information for workers, contractors and suppliers via a central portal.


Identify and report issues, conduct audits, inspections and assessments at any time from anywhere.

Decades of Experience. Globally. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing health and safety management software. Founded in 1995, we now serve customers globally across many diverse business sectors. With offices across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand we are truly are a global team.

Our team of technology experts are safety trained and talk to thousands of health and safety professionals every year. This means they have an incredible overview of the challenges facing industry professionals around the world. We bring all of that insight into developing our health and safety software solution, Assure.

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