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    EHS, Training and Sustainability Software

    Empowering Businesses.
    Protecting Lives.


    Smarter software for organizations that prioritize safety, regulatory compliance, risk management and sustainability.

    Over 650 mid-size to enterprise businesses globally use Evotix to take their EHS processes to the next level.

    Make Better Decisions.
    Elevate Your Safety Performance

    Whether you’re looking to streamline EHS activities, or expand your sustainability and ESG reporting capabilities, our solution is fully adaptable to your current and evolving needs.  

    We equip you with robust analytics and efficient, mobile-first management tools, so you make the right decisions that prioritize safe operations and responsible business practices. 

    25 Years of experience with over 1 million users

    Comprehensive Solutions For All Industries

    Evotix's integrated suite of software goes beyond conventional safety management, powering innovative solutions to drive organizational change, gain efficiencies and empower EHS and ESG improvements.   

    Safety and Compliance

    Embed safety at the heart of your business operations with comprehensive and engaging functionality accessible to all.

    Operational Risk

    Take a proactive approach to evaluating and mitigating risks to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard the business against potential disruptions.

    Training and Online Learning

    Increase training impact and reduce risks from your unique workplace hazards with tools to create custom, in-app micro-learning content.

    ESG & Sustainability

    Drive sustainability initiatives, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and enhance related KPI performance by giving your organisation the visibility to effectively report on ESG efforts.

    Environmental Compliance

    Easily track your environmental data to adhere to regulatory requirements, move beyond compliance and positively impact the environment. 

    Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene

    Promote proactive intervention and compliance while reducing administrative burdens, promoting total worker health.

    A Little About Us

    Our Evotix team is passionate about applying market leading technology to create safer, smarter workplaces, partnering with organizations that value people’s safety, communities and the planet.  As safety professionals and long-term leaders in the Verdantix EHS Green Quadrant, our deep and practical insight addresses your evolving needs, helping you achieve your health, safety and sustainability goals. Evotix: your all-around partner for the journey.  

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    Check Out Our EHS&S Podcast

    Join Langdon Dement and Julian Taylor as they discuss modern EHS&S with immediate actionable advice. If you have a passion for EHS or ESG, are looking to further your career or just want to hear some great, real-life tips, this is the podcast for you. And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

    Who Is It For?

    We serve a diverse range of industries and businesses, from mid-market companies adopting user-friendly software to enterprises replacing fragmented existing systems with an all-in-one comprehensive compliance solution as a single source of truth. With a global footprint, we're your long-term partner for success, offering a mobile-first, future-proof digitalization strategy that empowers you to engage with your workforce anytime, anywhere.    

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    What Can You Achieve With The Power


    To learn how Evotix can help you put safety and sustainability in the hands of your employees to report events in real-time, book some time with one of our experts.

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