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    Workplace safety: the value of workplace inspections in the process industries

    21 August 2018 - Evotix


    Innovative environment, health and safety technologies take the pain out of inspections and contribute to the development of an effective safety culture.

    manufacturing-header1Read more about how health and safety management software can take the pain out of workplace inspections in the process industries in this new article by our CEO Matthew Elson, published in Processing magazine. Click below to read the full article... 

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    Why Action Item Tracking Is Essential for Workplace Safety

    21 February 2023 - Joe Harmon

    Actions speak louder than words; however, more organizations talk about improving workplace safety than those that actually do it. After a workplace accident, injury or near-miss, organizations with..

    Safety Data and Analytics, Safety Culture, Workplace Safety Tips, Safe Operations
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    Building a Better Workplace To Recruit and Retain Top Talent

    5 January 2023 - Evotix

    As we head into the New Year, with new budget cycles, now is the time to think about recruiting and retaining top talent. Across North America and Europe there have been some major challenges in..

    Morale and Engagement, Safety Culture, Workplace Safety Tips
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    Workplace injuries can lead to financial losses

    Healthcare, agriculture and transportation suffer the highest financial losses due to workplace injuries in the states

    11 November 2022 - Evotix

    When we look at the data on the business cost of workplace injuries across the US, it becomes clear that there are risks across every industry, from healthcare to mining, and education to..

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