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    Workplace safety: the value of workplace inspections in the process industries

    21 August 2018 - Evotix


    Innovative environment, health and safety technologies take the pain out of inspections and contribute to the development of an effective safety culture.

    manufacturing-header1Read more about how health and safety management software can take the pain out of workplace inspections in the process industries in this new article by our CEO Matthew Elson, published in Processing magazine. Click below to read the full article... 

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    UK workplaces "safer than ever before"?

    20 January 2015 - Evotix

    The majority of UK health and safety rules will have been simplified by the time the current parliamentary session ends in May, "without compromising health and protection for workers", according to..

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    HSE budget cuts cause an increase in workplace injury and a drain on the public purse

    10 March 2013 - Evotix

    A new report published September 24 by Stirling University Professors Andrew Watterson and Rory O’Neill places blame on HSE budget cutbacks for the major increase in workplace injuries in the UK. The..

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    Close up of businessman holding digital image of brain in palm

    Towards a better understanding: supporting mental health in the workplace

    10 October 2019 - Evotix

    When we talk about health and safety, do we consider the importance of supporting employees’ mental health in the workplace? As World Mental Health Day comes around, we look at the importance of..

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