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Motus takes an innovative approach to how they manage health and safety. From improving the quality and consistency of data captured across different sites, to getting a real ‘under the cab’ view of what is happening and proactively asking the ‘why’ question.  

Using simple to use, Business Intelligence tools, Motus is interrogating the information captured and drilling down to the events behind the numbers – the root cause – to put preventative measures in place. 

Find out how our health and safety software solution, Assure, is helping Motus transform its operations by providing data-driven insights, centralising health and safety management and making it part of everyone’s role.


Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our workplace is safe and that our employees go home at the end of the day.


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Keeping Customers Moving


Employing more than 3,500 people and operating across 78 sites and 125 franchise units, Motus is one of the largest automotive groups in Europe encompassing four divisions: Motus Commercials, Motus Vehicle Solutions, S&B Commercials and Pentagon Motor Group.



“With Insights+, I can easily drill into all of the data collected across different sites, and quite quickly find the root cause of any incidents.”

“Health and safety is top on the Board’s agenda. The Board regularly review the business intelligence dashboards on Insights+, to identify best practice and areas for improvement. It is a continuous improvement cycle.”

“The safety culture at Motus improved 10-fold.  One of the main reasons for that is Assure. We now have quality, consistent data and we can drill that data and initiative positive change across the Group.”

‘Everyone Go Home Safe’

Motus places the highest importance on the health and safety of every employee, contractor, supplier and visitor on its premises. The company’s Code of Ethics covers health and safety as an imperative business practice.

The Group operates on an ethos of ‘everyone go home safe’. The board of directors leads on this, taking responsibility from the top down to engrain health and safety into daily operations.

Minimising risks 24/7

Many of the Group’s locations operate on extended hours to provide maximum flexibility to customers and their roadside recovery unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main risks to employees and contractors include working at height, workplace transport, roadside assistance as well as more common risks such as hand vibration, noise and lifting equipment.

Motus was keen to adopt a more agile approach to its health and safety management by using technology to transform data into actionable insights. So senior management took the business decision to seek a new health and safety software technology solution to support continuous improvement.


A Roadmap for Success

Motus required a solution that would not only meet its present business needs, but one that was also agile enough to adapt to their changing requirements as the business grew. It wasn’t just about finding the right software solution, but also building a long-term partnership with a vendor they could trust.

Improving both the quantity and quality of data was another pivotal point. By standardising data collection through an automated platform, the business wanted to improve the consistency of information available. Motus also wanted to increase reporting of not only actual incidents, but also the ‘near-misses’ that are critical to preventing future accidents.

Turbo-Boosting Performance: Assure and Motus

SHE Software implemented Assure, its highly flexible health and safety software solution, to support Motus in transforming its management of data collection, controls and support systems. By being able to easily drill down into the data, Motus is able to get a real ‘under the cab’ view of what is happening.

With a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reports, Motus can now centrally access valuable insights for each of its sites. The group knows exactly what is happening, where it is happening and when it is happening, including engagement levels across different sites, areas for improvement and examples of best practice.

This has led to a shift in mindset as health and safety is no longer just about how much data is captured, but rather what is being done with that data. Motus are able to confidently ask the “why” questions necessary to avert incidents before they occur.


An Innovative Approach to Success

With a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reports covering everything from training and inspections to audits and risk assessments, Motus is helping lead the way on health and safety within its industry.

The Group understands that its health and safety strategy is about mitigating and managing risks both to its employees and the business. With Assure, the central team have access to dashboards and graphics that make it easy to visualise all key HSE metrics.

Motus regularly interrogates its health and safety data collected via Assure to uncover what is truly happening within all of its operations. By identifying trends and tracking leading indicators, the group can predict where preventative measures will be most effective.

The enhanced visibility that has accompanied the improvement in the quality and volume of safety information has created a proactive health and safety culture within Motus. The benefits of this are being felt throughout the organisation.


Health and Safety Fuelling the Business Engine

Assure has helped Motus transform its operations. By centralising health and safety management, the group has created a uniform system that gives everyone a voice in the health and safety culture.

Motus has also strengthened its brand and reputation through its demonstrable commitment to health and safety. This has helped pave the way to securing new customers and suppliers, which feeds the company’s growth. From a legal perspective, the group can now easily access the information required for proof of regulatory compliance, and the evidence needed for defence against potential claims.

Senior management also believe that they have gained a competitive advantage when it comes to tendering for new contracts. Many of these complicated dockets require extensive documentation that must be produced within tight deadlines. With Assure, Motus can readily assemble this evidence far more quickly than its competitors.

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