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    Where Are You on Your EHS Journey? Understanding the 5-Step Maturity Model


    To understand where you want to go, you must understand where you’ve been.” 

    The Evotix EHS Maturity Model helps provide insight into an organization’s health and safety journey. During this 3-part webinar series, we’ll help you understand your health and safety stance, and where you reside on the EHS maturity model. Then we’ll help you get to the next level! 

    By creating an introspective view of people, programs and processes, we’re able to look at the five stages along this cultural journey and provide tangible steps for improving from one level to the next. The end result? Safe operations embedded into the fabric of your business, keeping your employees and contractors healthy and safe.  

    Join us on March 23 at 10am CT/3pm GMT for the third and final installment where we will: 

    • Review how the Evotix Maturity Model provides insight into an organization's EHS journey 
    • Define and understand how to progress through to the final stage of the journey  

    We hope you’ll join us! If not for yourself, do it for your people!

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