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    Utilities Health and Safety Software

    Ensuring the safety of remote workers is challenging. Use a single mobile solution to reach your team in the field and manage all health and safety activities on-the-go. 


    Transform your Health & Safety Program

    The utilities sector is engaged in massive program to modernise infrastructure and provide cleaner energy and safe water.  Health and safety processes must guide activity in the field to keep your people safe and protect the environment, while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising risks. 

    Our health and safety solution takes you away from paper and spreadsheets and puts you back on the ground supporting your organization. Reach your workforce at any time, in any place, ensure they are healthy and safe and can easily access information/documentation. 

    What our Customers in Utilities say:

    “Assure has been instrumental in driving a positive two-way safety dialogue between management and employees.”

    - Welsh Water

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    How does Health and Safety Software help?

    Report With Ease

    • A simple, intuitive tool in everyone’s pocket.

    • Capture everything that counts. 

    • Incidents, near misses, unsafe acts. 

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    Identify, Assess and Control Risks

    • Intuitive tools ensure everyone can report hazards. 

    • Use risk matrices to assess the level of risk and make high risk activities stand out. 

    • Implement effective control measures. Track actions to completion. 

    Audits, Inspections and Checklists On-the-go

    • Inspect and complete checks. Digitally. Pictures and attachments add richness and context. 

    • Respond quickly to issues.  

    • Close out actions. 


    Training That Engages

    • Make it easy to engage and train your workforce with readily accessible content. 

    • Ensure employees are confident in handling risk and spotting hazards in their daily environment. 

    Our solutions for the utilities industry:


    Incident Management

    Capture and investigate incidents. Learn how to stop them from reoccurring.


    Risk Assessments

    One designated place to complete and manage assessments of your jobs and activities.


    Audits And Inspections

    Audit and inspect your safety processes to ensure they are effective.


    Action And Task Management

    Create and assign actions. Automatically track them to close out.


    Report to Regulatory Authorities

    Create and submit incident reports to regulatory bodies, like RIDDOR.


    Reports And Dashboards

    Review and share performance, at any time.



    Ensure the right training programs are in place and completed.