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    Respiratory Protection Management    

    Occupational exposure to harmful dust, fumes or gases can have adverse effects on workers' health and well-being, while also costing the business productivity and compensation.  

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    Protect the Respiratory Health of Your Workers 

    Provide respiratory protection to workers whose exposures may be at risk by ensuring they wear the appropriate respirators to protect them in a hazardous environment. 

    Our Respiratory Protection Management solution acts as the guardian of respiratory safety in your workplace and simplifies your respiratory protection program. It assesses hazards with centralised respirator fit testing and a health test to ensure minimal exposure. 


    Provide respirator fit testing and document the outcomes of respirator fit tests.


    Quickly determine the type of respiratory protection required for the specific respiratory hazard.


    Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's respiratory protection program.


    Ensure compliance and ease the administrative burden of the respiratory protection program.

    How Can Respiratory Protection Management Help? 

    Monitor and Evaluate the Respiratory Protection Program  

    • Monitor the respiratory protection program with automatic notifications and workflows that refer a worker to the respiratory protection program, including specifying the type of respirator needed for the tasks and conditions required. 

    • Notify all parties involved of the medical evaluation and fit test results so that the workers’ needs for PPE is accommodated or changes in work tasks are identified.  

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    Implement Control Measures  

    • Coordinate and monitor the requirements for the usage of respirators by personnel, including referrals and medical evaluations, as well as periodic reviews and re-testing.

    • Assess the suitability of the user to safely use the required respirator.  
    Listen to Our Podcast Episode About Incident Management.

    Facilitate Respirator Fit Testing  

    • Review the fit test for the type of respirator needed for the work to be done.  

    • Track medical evaluation and fit test history to ensure ongoing worker protection.   
    With the help of our safety management system, Actavo sees 20% year on year reduction in incident rates.
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    Protect the Respiratory Health of Your Workers with These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Help you measure the performance of your respiratory protection program and identify areas of improvement.
    • Integrate With Action Management: Manage actions for respiratory testing and health test in a consistent and centralized way across the entire solution.
    • Occupational Health: Provide oversight into all elements affecting SEGS, such as health test and medical clearances.
    • Health Test Solutions: Track the outcome of medical evaluations required to use certain respirators.  

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