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    ESG and Sustainability Reporting Software

    Centrally track, report and analyze your ESG and sustainability data to drive positive environment management across your organization and support your ESG strategy.   

    Support Your ESG Journey With Centralized Reporting 

    With an ever-growing global focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting, many companies are looking at how to move beyond environmental compliance toward reporting of their sustainability and ESG performance. This may be critical to meet future demand of customers, staff and other stakeholders, and to ensure continued growth.  

    Whether your priority is to meet all regulatory requirements or to build solid sustainability reporting in support of your ESG journey, you first need to consistently track and manage your environmental impact, KPIs and goals in one place.  

    How Can Health And Safety Software Help?

    Track All Your Sustainability Data In One Place 

    Store all relevant conversion factors for your business in one place, so that your GHG and CO2 emissions can be automatically calculated and tracked without complicated spreadsheets. 

    Report All Resource Usage And Emission Data Consistently In One Place  

    • Enable direct usage reporting across your business with consistent forms.
    • Stop lengthy paper trails and collating data on spreadsheets so you can immediately report and analyze your performance against your goals. 

    Document Your ESG Risk Register And Materiality Against Any Framework 

    Document your ESG KPIs, goals and risks to provide visibility to all your stakeholders on your performance and prepare for ESG scoring.  

    Track against any framework, including: 

    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 
    • Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) 
    • Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) 
    • Environmental Aspects and Impacts 

    Provide Clear Visibility Of Your Sustainability And Environmental Data To Support Your Long Term ESG Strategy 

    • Automatically generate dashboards to help you keep track of your emission data and performance against ESG goals.
    • Create reports and identify areas of improvement from your data without complicated spreadsheets. 
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    ESG Benchmarking

    We work closely with our partner, Metric, who provides an ESG analytical platform for measuring, benchmarking and improving ESG performance for private companies and investors.  

    Positively Manage Your Environmental Reporting With These Supporting Tools

    Report All Your Data Consistently

    Define Approvals And Workflow Process

    Built-In Action Management

    Automatic Reminders

    View And Analyze Your Data In Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards


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