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    Manage Health And Safety, Efficiently And Proactively.

    Give yourself and your people a comprehensive view of health and safety across your organisation. 

    Assure – Your All-In-One EHS Management Software  

    Put health and safety in everyone's hands with Assure. Our mobile-first solution removes barriers to safety by capturing events in real-time and acting without delay. Use dashboards and reports to identify what’s going on across your organization, so you can quickly act to improve your safety processes.  

    We offer a range of functionality configurable to your needs. As a partner invested in your success, we work together to select a solution that’s right for you. 


    Watch How Our EHS Management Software Can Empower Your Organisation!

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    Incident Management

    Capture and investigate incidents. Learn from your data. Prevent recurrences.


    Risk Management

    Manage risk proactively across your organisation. Empower a safer workplace.


    Audits & Inspections

    Audit and inspect your safety processes to ensure they are effective.


    Training & Learning

    Access to your safety system in everybody’s hands. Allow efficient training and access.



    Monitor your performance. Audit your environmental management system.


    Manage Contractors

    Bring your contractors inside your safety management system. Onboard, engage, track.


    Asset Management

    Catalogue equipment and assets. Track maintenance and compliance.



    Encourage discussion about safety issues. Raise the profile and ensure adoption.

    Protecting Over 3,000,000 Employees Worldwide


    Remove Barriers

    • Engage everyone. Make reporting of observations, hazards, near misses, incidents, and other events easy for all.  
    • Reduce risk by quickly taking action on reported safety events.  
    • Draw deeper insight and better-informed conclusions from quality data. 

    Manage Activities Efficiently

    • Manage all your health and safety activities and processes in one place for an objective view of what needs to happen. 
    • Act immediately on critical events. Investigate, review and track actions to completion so that nothing is overlooked. 
    • Build confidence and gain leadership trust  through transparency and visibility. 

    Make Empowered Decisions

    • Get a complete picture of your performance. 
    • Understand where to act. Draw on insights from your data to prioritise initiatives that drive a higher standard of workplace safety. 
    • Create a culture where everyone feels they can contribute. 

    Get Your Hands On The Powerful Tools That Will Drive Your Transformation

    AssureGO+ Mobile Safety App

    Self-Configuration Tools

    Action & Task Management

    Automated Notifications

    Workflow Management

    Template & Form Builder

    BI Dashboards & Analytics

    User & Permission Management

    Custom Branding

    Document Library


    Digital Signature

    Authentication Options


    APIs & Integrations


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