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    What is EHS Software? The Ultimate Guide

    9 March 2022 - Evotix


    The rate of workplace accidents is far too high. In fact, in some countries, it hasn’t been improving at all. Behind every one of those statistics is a name and a family – and that’s why at Evotix, we don’t accept the status quo.

    Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software is the technology that helps people and their organizations create safer, smarter futures. An EHS platform provides organizations with the ability to track and analyze data on accidents and incidents, automate reporting and notifications, and ensure compliance with a web of complex legal regulations.

    Evotix harnesses the latest technological developments to power intuitive, human tools that address your most pressing EHS and wellbeing challenges.

    What is the role of EHS software?

    EHS software is used by people who deal with complex and dispersed operations, where the more traditional approach to managing health and safety is no longer adequate. The software provides the means to capture, store, and organize information and workflows to demonstrate compliance and track insights.  

    Placing the power of easy-to-use technology in every employee’s hands embeds safety into the day-to-day activity of an organization. Employees don’t want to spend hours stuck behind a desk, ticking boxes on forms – they want to feel as if their work is making a difference to the organization.

    The most comprehensive EHS software solutions will include an array of features and functionality that empower safety professionals to make quick, data-driven decisions. This includes recording and investigating incidents, managing follow-up actions, capturing risks and mitigations, tracking training progress and asset inspection, and ensuring that third-party contractors are competent. Being able to see this data in real-time helps employees collaborate with ease and ensures organizations prioritize safety at all times in the work environment.

    What are the benefits of EHS software?

    EHS software can provide significant benefits to organizations across a range of different areas – not just for health & safety professionals but also for operations managers, the finance team and even HR.

    • Compliance: Safety legislation can be a complex web of ever-changing rules and regulations. Penalties for non-compliance range from fines, potentially to the prosecution of responsible managers. A poor record can jeopardise customer relationships. An EHS solution helps to embed the right processes to meet those regulations and to monitor compliance across multiple sites so that leaders can sleep soundly at night.
    • Improved safety performance: A poor safety record imposes a significant burden on an organisation – from business disruption to reputational damage to the cost of claims and impact on morale. On the flip side, effective safety management contributes to wider operational excellence. A safety solution embeds good operational practice and provides the visibility needed to make smarter, more informed business decisions.
    • Efficiency: Other functions clearly benefit from solutions to capture, store and organise information, manage workflows, and draw insights from data. Imagine finance without a finance system? Safety is no different. Needing only a single entry of data with an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app minimizes admin burden. Easy access to documents and procedures helps communication. Powerful business intelligence reduces time spent assembling reports.
    • Reputation: Increased transparency, combined with higher expectations both from investors and from wider society mean that a poor safety record can create considerable reputational damage. The scrutiny of supply chains is rising, with the potential to impact customer relationships and the ability to win tenders. A poor safety record increases the challenge many organisations already face to attract the talent they need, while investors may be unwilling to support businesses with a weak ESG performance.
    • Morale and engagement: While a major safety incident can have a devastating impact on morale, talking about safety is a great way, especially in the post-pandemic workplace, to address the challenge of meaningful employee engagement. It’s a topic that’s naturally close to everyone’s heart. Making safety a top priority is an effective way to show that the organization cares deeply about staff wellbeing.  Giving employees more direct control over health & safety instills confidence and empowers them to be a positive force for change.

    What questions do you need to ask when choosing EHS software?

    When selecting the right EHS software for your business, it’s important to bear a few primary business questions in mind. Below are some common questions to consider:

    • Can an EHS system easily integrate with other platforms used within the business?

    Most businesses use a complex amalgamation of multiple different software platforms. Ensure any EHS system you’re considering is compatible with other systems already in use to avoid integration issues further down the line.

    • Is the software easy-to-use and mobile friendly?

    Most people nowadays are increasingly reliant on their phones and the workplace is no different. EHS professionals should expect the software solutions they use to be simple, intuitive, and easily accessible via an app on their phones – especially as many will be on-the-go frequently as part of their roles.

    • How does the reporting work?

    One of the most important functions of EHS software is the ability to audit and report on Key Performance Indicators and draw insights about improvement opportunities from data. Without an easy-to-use platform which allows users to quickly pull and present data, this can become an arduous task.

    • What kind of training and support will be provided?

    Even the simplest of platforms will need some level of training to get started. Ensure your service provider can offer ample support, both during the onboarding process, and on an ongoing basis afterwards.

    • Is it a good long term choice?

    Your needs will change over time and technology is constantly evolving. It is important to choose a solution that is regularly updated for the latest requirements and to take advantage of new innovations. Bear in mind also that you’ll want to avoid fees for each change to your processes: choose a solution where simple configuration tools are in your hands.

    How much does EHS software cost? 

    Overall, global spending on EHS software is expected to reach $2.9bn by 2024. The mid-risk corporate market is largely unserved by dedicated modern software services and is therefore experiencing the most growth.

    The cost of EHS software will typically depend on the features the product has to offer, the needs of the business, as well as how advanced the software is. As well as the headline price, it is important to compare the full cost of ownership – can the solution easily be configured to adapt to your needs over time, or is it more bespoke and customised resulting in high future modification costs? Importantly, the solution you opt for balances the fine line between the inclusion of important safety features and falling within the budget available for buying and licensing the system.

    It’s important to note that EHS software can offer a significant return on investment. At Evotix, we typically help customers produce ROI paybacks within 12 months by improving health and safety efficiencies and increasing engagement top-down, bottom-up.

    We are your long-term partner on your journey towards a safer workplace and share your passion for improvement. Through our partnership approach and continuous innovation, we tailor a solution that will meet your specific workplace needs – today and tomorrow.

    Why choose Evotix?

    At Evotix, we care. We believe one more workplace accident is too many. Innovation is at our core and we are changing the perception of health and safety. We have a range of dynamic and influential solutions to give you and your colleagues the ability to transform your workplace.

    We specialise in user-friendly, intuitive EHS and training software to automate all your critical safety activities in one system. We can help you seamlessly track your data, gain insights that put you ahead of the curve, boost engagement and keep your people safe.

    Thinking about implementing EHS software in your organization?  

    If smart, intuitive, and comprehensive EHS software is the right solution for you, please get in touch with us.

    Alternatively, you may need to persuade others within your organization. Here is a step-by-step guide for making a business case for adopting EHS software within your company.



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