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    Each organisation has particular requirements. That's why our licencing plans are flexible and built around you.



    Based on the health, safety and learning solution configured for you.

    Plans include:

    • Business-wide mobile app
    • Best-practice templates
    • Form configuration
    • Phased implementation plan to address your most pressing needs first
    • Ongoing partnership to ensure your success
    • Many other advanced features


    We empower you so that you can support others.

    Get connected today!



    Who needs a licence?

    One key to success in managing health and safety is to engage your workforce. Therefore, our mobile app, AssureGO+, does not require a licence so that you can provide it to all of your colleagues. On AssureGO+, your employees can access and complete forms, for example to report an incident or conduct an audit. You can also provide access to policies, version-controlled risk assessments or other documents.

    Those who need to manage health and safety activities require a manager licence for the main Evotix Assure application. With this licence, they can process records (for example to conduct an incident investigation), monitor performance and study trends.

    Any user accessing interactive and engaging training content on our microlearning platform, Evotix Learn, needs a user licence for Evotix Learn. You decide which training content to make available to each user.

    Our team will work with you to determine the licences needed to set you up for success.


    Can I add further functionality to my subscription at a later date?

    Yes, you can select additional EHS modules or add licences whenever you are ready. A dedicated Customer Support Manager will help you identify any additional opportunities.


    What is the minimum term for a contract?

    Most of our customers have a three-to five-year contract. After implementation we continue to partner with you and help you optimise the system.


    Can you help me put together a business case?

    Absolutely! Our specialist team are there to support you throughout the purchasing process. They have a long track record of success helping customers with their business case.


    Can we buy through the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud framework?

    Yes, Evotix is a registered digital marketplace G-Cloud supplier. The digital marketplace G-Cloud framework provides a more time and cost-effective buying process for public sector bodies to procure cloud solutions. It is open to any public sector body, including local authorities, housing associations, education sector.

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