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    Staff Engagement Software

    Engaging Your People

    Engagement starts with communication and having the right tools. Embed safety in the flow of day-to-day activities to drive change across your organisation.


    Be Productive, Safely

    Engaging all your colleagues is a priority in creating a safer workplace.

    Complicated processes and inaccessible systems present a barrier. Often, they apply to work as imagined, not work as done. Safety is not discussed enough with the people doing the task who understand it best.

    Often safety training is seen as a tedious chore. If it’s not simple and if the importance is not clear, it won’t get done.

    Make safety a value and priority. Ensure your people can do their job, safely.

    Empower Your Colleagues

    Engage your workforce with dynamic training and intuitive tools.

    Relevant, interesting content embeds health and safety awareness in day to day activity.

    Use AssureGO+ to make health and safety accessible to all your people.

    Make It Easy

    We use mobile apps for all aspects of our life. Why not for safety?

    Make health and safety accessible to all of your people – on laptop, tablet or mobile, whenever and wherever they need it.

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    Have Better Conversations

    There should be an open dialogue about health and safety.

    Get everyone talking and communicating positively, not just when something has gone wrong.

    Your employees are the experts in what they do – engage them.


    Make Better Decisions

    Engaged employees feel empowered to communicate.

    More reporting creates a powerful flow of information that enables you to gain greater insight and make the right decisions.

    Take action and show that you are listening.

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It


    Engage Your Employees With These Powerful Tools:


    AssureGO+ Mobile App

    Report on any device, any time, anywhere


    Evotix Learn

    Reach your people with bite-sized health and safety training.



    Encourage conversations about safety. Raise the profile. Make it part of your everyday activities.


    Share Results

    Encourage discussion about the results. Share the findings.


    Your Look And Feel

    Support adoption. Use your terminology and branding. Stamp it with your own identity.


    Document Library

    Store health and safety documentation in one central place.Save time and reduce admin.


    Contractor Management

    Bring your contractors inside your safety management system. Clear information that can be understood promotes immediate engagement with the safety culture.


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    Create a safer workplace. Reach 100% of your workforce with easily accessible and engaging health and safety training.

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    Give yourself and your people a comprehensive view of health and safety across your business.

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