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    Evotix, an SAI360 Company, Introduces New AI Capabilities to Boost Enterprise Performance

    Evotix’s latest EHS&S software enhancements integrate AI, unveil a journey planning module, and an advanced chemical management module

    CHICAGO – June 25, 2024 – Today, Evotix, an SAI360 Company, the world-leading environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) software company for mid-size and enterprise markets, launched several significant product updates designed to enhance user experience and drive better EHS&S outcomes in the workplace.

    "We are committed to advancing EHS&S management through innovative technology," said Josh White, Evotix’s senior director of product management. "By incorporating AI capabilities and enhancing several of our critical modules, we are providing our customers with the tools they need to make informed decisions, improve safety outcomes, increase operational efficiency and meet regulatory compliance."

    Evotix’s product enhancements include:

    Evotix AI Suggestion Assistant:

    The AI Suggestion Assistant is the first feature from Evotix AI, our new Artificial Intelligence

    and Language Processing platform. The Suggestion Assistant is designed to provide live smart suggestions to frontline workers and decision-makers at all levels of your organization across any EHS&S process. The AI Suggestion Assistant incorporates AI features such as real-time smart suggestions, empowering users to make informed health and safety decisions with accuracy and efficiency. The AI Suggestion Assistant is fully configurable, allowing organizations to create suggestions for their requirements.

    Comprehensive Chemical Management Solution: Evotix’s updated Chemical Management module supports regulatory compliance and safe working practices by providing a single control point for all chemical-related activities, which allows organizations to centrally track complex chemical management processes. Capabilities include a central chemical register, inventory control and tracking against storage thresholds, regular reviews, pollution prevention analysis and mobile access to chemical information.      

     New Journey Planning Module: Journey Planning is designed to manage the planning, risk assessment and approvals for travel to remote or high-risk regions. It centralizes all processes, ensuring comprehensive risk management and streamlined approvals. It includes check-ins, alert processes and a centralized location for all journey-related information.

    Updates to Ergonomic Assessments: Evotix now has RULA, REBA and NIOSH RLE in the lineup of pre-configured assessment methods in its Ergonomic Assessments module. These updates provide users with standardized and reliable methods for conducting ergonomic evaluations.

    Enhanced Emissions and Metrics Management - Evotix’s ESG management capabilities enable organizations to measure, understand, and communicate their environmental, social, and governance performance. It streamlines the management of data collection, reporting, and analysis of ESG and sustainability performance metrics. Key enhancements include a centralized data entry portal, improved deviation checks and rigorous threshold exceedance tracking, leading to more actionable insights through enhanced data management. These updates address existing challenges, ensuring more reliable and effective ESG reporting.

    For more information about these updates and how Evotix can help your organization, visit or contact us at For the latest news about Evotix or EHS&S best practices, go to or listen to the podcast, “Two Bald Guys Talking Safety.” 

    About Evotix 

    Evotix, the world-leading environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) software company for mid-size and enterprise markets, is a highly configurable platform featuring extensive functionality to help organizations create a safer, smarter and more sustainable workplace. Whether looking to streamline EHS activities or expand sustainability and ESG reporting capabilities, Evotix’s solution fully adapts to an organization’s current and evolving needs.  Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Chicago, Evotix serves more than 650 clients worldwide across industries including mining and metals, energy and utilities, manufacturing, food and drink, construction, retail, transportation and logistics, warehousing, local authority/housing, healthcare, and education. To learn more about Evotix, visit, listen to the “Two Bald Guys Talking Safety” podcast or visit Evotix’s resource library.