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    Evotix Introduces Enhanced EHS Maturity Model to Guide Organizations Toward Health and Safety Excellence

    Comprehensive benchmark tool empowers businesses to better understand their health and safety position and provides detailed recommendations for improvement

    CHICAGO – February 22, 2023 – Evotix, the world-leading environment, health, safety (EHS) and well-being software company, today announced its latest EHS Maturity Model. The five-stage process guides organizations as they evaluate their strengths, uncover workplace risks and identify opportunities for improvement along their EHS journey.

    “It's critical for companies to understand where they may fall short and how they can continuously evolve their EHS environment to drive safe operations,” said Langdon Dement, Evotix’s global EHS adviser. “Evotix’s EHS Maturity Model offers an introspective view of people, programs and processes and tangible strategies to help organizations improve from one level to the next.”

    Evotix’s EHS Maturity Model is a results-based, end-to-end framework that combines the learnings that Evotix professionals and certified experts have gained through decades of hands-on work with industries such as manufacturing, construction, retail, housing, transportation, utilities and other industries.

    Each of the five stages were carefully designed to help businesses evaluate the maturity of their EHS operations, organizational culture and employees. As a result, EHS teams can better understand where they reside and what action steps are required to make their organization safer and healthier. The five stages include:

    • Negligence - Organizations believe that nothing negatively affects them. Typically, these organizations have little to no EHS accountability.

    • Reactive - Organizations practice health and safety, but it’s strictly “reactive” when an accident or health and safety occurrence happens.

    • Compliant - Organizations follow federal, state and local regulations and understand the need for health and safety. They most likely have a health and safety program in place but only do what’s required.

    • Proactive – Organizations prioritize health and safety and see “compliance” as just the baseline. These organizations have transitioned from just looking at past events to determining what leading indicators can prevent future incidents.

    • Excellence - Organizations recognize the importance of making health and safety a value throughout the company, while continually prioritizing and integrating EHS aspects into the fabric of their operations.

    “The Maturity Model is an accessible and digestible roadmap that provides organizations with a powerful means of assessing, refining and bolstering their health and safety strategy,” said Dement. “Our detailed guidance helps organizations integrate safety and health into their everyday culture and gives EHS teams actionable frameworks to achieve success and deliver a real, measurable return on investment. Employees are safer, healthier and more engaged at work.”

    As part of the announcement, Evotix will host a three-part webinar to review the 5-step maturity model starting February 23 at 10 a.m. CT and 4 p.m. GMT and continuing March 9 and 23. To learn more and register, visit The series will also be available on demand.


    Evotix (formerly SHE Software) is a global technology company transforming how employees engage in workplace health and safety. Almost 500 customers use its market-leading solution across various industries, including manufacturing, food and drink, construction, retail, utility services, transport and housing. To learn more about Evotix, visit Listen to the “Two Bald Guys Talking Safety” podcast or visit Evotix’s resource library to learn more about the health and safety industry.


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