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    Environmental Management

    Easily track your environmental data to adhere to regulatory requirements, move beyond compliance and positively impact the environment. 

    Stop Managing Paperwork And Move Beyond Compliance 

    Documenting environmental data to show compliance with regional or state regulations is mandatory. Reporting sample data, substance inventories and audits on paper, stored in various locations, hinders reporting and limits visibility to take action.  

    Start digitally tracking all your data in one place. This allows all business areas to follow the same best practices and capture data consistently. Focus on monitoring your performance consistently and identify where you need to act to reduce your impact. 

    How can health and safety software help?

    Better Manage All Your Environmental Permits

    List all your permits in one register. Track key dates, permitted levels and any actions against each permit.  

    Record air and water emissions samples against your permit to quickly identify areas to act. 

    Track All Your On-Site Hazardous And Non-Hazardous Substances And Create YTD Reports 

    Create a single substance inventory to quickly view and report on the hazardous and non-hazardous substances you have. 

    Digitize your non-hazardous waste disposal paperwork. Understand the environmental impact of your organization by measuring the waste you produce.  

    Manage All Environmental Audits And Assessments 

    Easily embed environmental audits and checks throughout your organization. Get started quickly with best-practice templates or easily create your own.

    Regularly examine your environmental management processes to support your ISO 14001 certification.

    Stay On Top Of Your KPIs And Trends  

    View and analyze your data in dashboards that suit your needs and ensure that you continuously improve your environmental impact and quickly spot negative trends. 

    Protecting Over 3,000,000 Employees Worldwide


    Positively Manage Your Environmental Reporting With These Supporting Tools

    Report All Your Data Consistently

    Define Approvals And Workflow Process

    Built-In Action Management

    Automatic Reminders

    View And Analyze Your Data In Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards


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