From installation to innovation: putting the right data-driven building blocks in place


Actavo is transforming their health and safety culture through data-driven decision making. By making health and safety more accessible across their workforce, they are improving the volume and quality of information reported, and then translating this data into actionable insights.  Across the organisation, these insights are now used to inform almost all business activities from training programmes to internal communications.

Find out how our health and safety software solution, Assure, is helping Actavo to transform how health and safety is collected, interrogated and acted upon.


Since Assure, there has been significant positive step-change in our safety culture. It is now an instrumental part of our health and safety strategy, with 18000 Audits undertaken and over 2700 incidents reported across our global workforce in 10 months alone



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An engineering solutions company with global reach


Actavo is a leading international engineering solutions company, which offers a breadth of services from energy to events, business support to building solutions, communications to construction. They design, build and maintain the vital infrastructure used across the world every day. 

Operating across 100 locations in the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean and Kazakhstan with 4,600 employees globally, the company is split in to six divisions: Network, In-Home, Industrial, Hire and Sales, Building and Events. Its mission is to become the preferred engineering solutions partner for the world’s leading companies. 




“We are committed to provide our entire workforce with a health and safety voice, from those in a health and safety role, to operations, to crew members.”

“By using technology to drive our SHEQ approach, we have improved our NPS to be one of the best in the world. This gives us more of a competitor advantage, especially in new business tenders as we can demonstrate more value.”


“With live projects operating in multiple countries, it was vital that there was a consistent approach to the management of health & safety across all projects, particularly in a time of major growth. Without Assure, the Actavo SHEQ Team would not have had the capacity to manage and direct health and safety requirements and performance across all the projects.”

Installing a structure for success

With a growing business and a large global, off-site workforce, Actavo recognised the need to look for a health and safety software solution that could improve how they presently managed health and safety, but which was flexible enough to adapt to future needs.

Their primary goal from a health and safety software solution that was it was easy to use, easy to deploy and agile enough to grow with their dynamic business needs – on-site or off.

Standardising the collection, improving the quality and reporting of health and safety performance data was also key to improve Senior Management’s visibility. Improving their reporting culture by making it ‘easy to engage’ was fundamental to this. To support the move from a proactive to a preventative approach, Actavo needed to be able to easily identify key trends, track leading indicators and understand where preventative measures would be most effective.

Laying down the cables for success: Assure and Actavo

SHE Software implemented its flexible health and safety software solution, Assure, to support Actavo in improving how they collected, interrogated, and responded to health and safety data to drive continuous improvements to strengthen their ‘Work Safe – Go Home’ safety culture.

With a global and mobile workforce, accessibility was key. Actavo tapped into everyday mobile technology, through Assure’s mobile app and portal, to make it easy and simple for anyone, anywhere to report on health and safety 24/7.

A comprehensive suite of dashboards and reports, incorporating Business Intelligence tools, was developed to provide central teams with accurate visibility of all health and safety activities, including training and refresher training, inspections, audits, risk assessments, sub-contractors, plant and equipment, PPE and hazardous materials.

Taking an innovative data-driven approach to design future success

Leading by example. Using technology to transform how health and safety is managed through data driven decision making.

Understanding the potential that their health and safety data holds, Actavo is adopting a proactive approach in how they translate the health and safety data captured into actionable insights. 

The central team have access to easy-to-read dashboards and graphs which provide clear visibility of all key HSE metrics. Using Assure, Business Intelligence tool, Actavo is identifying trends, tracking leading indicators and drilling down to the events behind the data to help them predict where preventative measures will be most effective. 

As a result, they have seen significant improvements in quality and volume of safety information captured and reported which has enhanced the visibility, uniformity and reporting of health and safety performance data to senior management. 

Health and safety is built into our DNA

Assure has helped transform how Actavo is engaging their workforce in health and safety through actionable insights: widening out accessibility, sharing best practice and putting preventative measures in place. As a result health and safety has become part of everyone’s role.

By embedding a consistent and accessible approach, Actavo has seen a positive step change towards a more proactive and inclusive culture globally, evidenced by a 20% year on year reduction in incident rates. Health and safety is no longer viewed as an additional task, but simply as part of everyone’s daily role.  A true sense of a systems integration into a business, particularly for a health and safety system is when operational leaders are actively engaged with the SHEQ Team. Actavo has succeeded in this, with proactive dialogue the norm. 

To date, using Assure, Actavo has reported 97k audits/inspections undertaken; 8.8k incidents reported; 50.6k behavioural safety HEART conversations; 48k near misses recorded and 21.3k corrective actions completed.



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