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Our Community

At SHE Software, we pride ourselves on building successful, long-term relationships with our customers. We love to listen to their feedback. In fact, it’s what guides the development of our health and safety software. 

When you choose Assure, you’ll become a valued member of the SHE Software community, share knowledge,  engage with peers, and lead by example. It’s all geared towards setting you up for success. 

SHE Software’s Assure System is intuitive, simple to use and makes the lives of our staff much easier, as well as making our processes more efficient.


Since Assure, there has been significant positive step-change in our safety culture. It is now an instrumental part of our health and safety strategy, with 18000 Audits undertaken and over 2700 incidents reported across our global workforce in 10 months alone.


We have saved the equivalent of 39 days a month by eliminating manual processes.