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    Webinar: How are you giving your employees a safety voice?

    23 July 2018 - SHE Software Ltd



    The challenges of the modern workforce – such as large, dispersed teams and multiple contractors – mean that many organizations face an uphill struggle to remain compliant.

    Involving employees more widely in promoting a positive, inclusive safety culture, and encouraging them to actively talk safety can significantly increase local engagement and drive improvements in safety behavior.

    Webinar Details: Thursday, July 26 @ 2:00pm (CT)

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    Join us for an informative 20-minute webinar (plus Q&A) on how best to give your employees a safety voice on Thursday, July 26 at 2pm where our team will discuss:

    • Common challenges faced in embedding an inclusive safety culture
    • Moving towards a ‘one culture’ approach
    • How you can promote an inclusive safety culture through health and safety software to improve safety performance and behaviors


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