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    Webinar: Why does health and safety software fail?

    9 February 2018 - SHE Software Ltd


    Are you confident that the health and safety systems and software you’ve invested time - and funding - in directly improve your organisation’s safety performance?

    LAPTOP_shutterstock_1011272323.jpgHere at SHE Software we regularly speak to organisations who’ve invested in health and safety management systems but are frustrated that their safety performance does not directly improve.

    This is commonly a combination of leadership approach from senior managers and directors - along with a lack of engagement from the broader employee base - who sometimes have misguided perceptions about safety.

    Webinar Details:  Tuesday 20th February @ 10am (GMT)

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    Webinar: Why does health and safety software fail?

    Join us for an informative 20-minute webinar plus questions on Tuesday 20th February at 10am where we will be joined by Dawn Hemmings, Unique Consultants Ltd and will discuss:

    • The dangers of overestimating the impact of behavioural safety programmes
    • How the value of safety for individuals within an organisation can best be built
    • How technology can underpin safety culture to improve safety performance (including a demonstration of health and safety software)

    Places are limited so please don’t hesitate to register should you wish to attend.

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