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    Health and safety download with … Paul Houston

    11 January 2018 - SHE Software Ltd


    This month’s health and safety download features Paul Houston, New Zealand Manager, SHE Software.


    Paul leads our sales and customer support team based in SHE Software’s office in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. His day-to-day role is extremely varied across all areas of the business, including working on the implementation of the council contractor pre-qualification scheme.

    Find out more about Paul’s role, the team’s focus in New Zealand and what he sees as some of the key safety challenges organisations are facing.


    Paul, tell us a bit about yourself?

    I started my career as an apprentice diesel mechanic and general maintenance engineer, before progressing to agricultural machinery territorial manager. After experiencing first-hand the potential devastating consequences of safety accidents, I decided to pursue a career in health and safety.

    Since then I haven’t looked back! I have held safety related roles in the energy, port and border security industries gaining qualifications as a Root Cause Analysis Investigator, Lloyds Registered Internal Auditor, Company Security Officer & Port Facilities Security Officer before joining SHE Software in early 2016.


    What led you to work for SHE Software?

    Through my connections and networks in the health and safety sector, I heard wonderful things about SHE Software and its CEO Matthew Elson. So, I thought I need to find out more...

    After meeting with Matthew, not only was I impressed with the ways in which SHE Software's health and safety software, Assure, was helping organisations effectively manage and improve their safety performance but also the innovative, inclusive culture the company had.

    The team really are a fantastic group of individuals, with brilliant ideas, all working towards the common goal of putting customers first and developing innovative solutions to help health and safety professionals with some of the challenges they face daily.


    What does a typical day look like?

    I wear many hats, working across all areas of the business as our market presence grows and in all truthfulness, it’s what I really love about my role. In any one day, I will be presenting webinars, assisting with sales, analysing financial information and helping organise marketing campaigns.


    You manage the SHE Software team in NZ, tell us about what has been happening out there?

    The last 18 months have flown as we build our great APAC team and develop SHE Software’s market presence out here. The team have been busy working on the SHE Software implementation of the council contractor pre-qualification scheme and bringing on-board new customers including most recently, Saint Kentigern, to be part of our growing SHE Software community.

    We are now settled in our new office in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay and I am proud of the innovative environment we have created for our staff to work in.


    What are you seeing as the main challenges customers are facing in NZ when it comes to health and safety?

    I still come across too many individuals who still don’t want to understand the new HSWA legislation or make any changes to how they manage health and safety. Trying to change and influence certain mindsets of ‘we have always done it like this so we must be doing it right or we would be dead’ can be challenging. As the pace of digital disruption and technology brings change to the business landscape, soon there won’t be an option of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

    Organisations can no longer afford to adopt a reactive approach to safety, instead they need to be proactive and go beyond their minimum health and safety requirements as ultimately it is their employees, customers and the public’s safety at stake.


    How are you seeing customers benefiting from using our software in managing their health and safety performance?

    What really stands out is the real value we are bringing to organisations and the subsequent huge strides they are making in transforming their employee and contactor safety culture as a result of the data and reporting they have access to with our health and safety software, Assure.

    This is driven from the simple fact that Assure makes the reporting of events or risks/hazards easy and straightforward for all staff to access and manage. Senior management have central visibility needed to drive actions, improvements and share best practice across the wider organisation.


    So, Paul when you are not working, how do you relax?

    When I pry myself away from building the SHE Software brand in Australia and New Zealand, I love to spend quality time with my partner, family and friends.


    If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would it be and why?

    It would have to be Billy Connolly, as you are guaranteed great ‘banter’. He is a fantastically talented comedian and it’s on my bucket list to see him live.


    What is your guilty pleasure?

    Whisky - probably from spending so much time with my Scottish colleagues!





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