The Risk module provides tools for your workforce to identify, assess and manage risks, within their job role, across your entire organisation. It provides a range of flexible, configurable templates to simplify the assessment, recording and monitoring of risk. 


Multiple risk types including Activity Risk assessments, COSHH assessments (linked to a relevant SDS), Fire Risk Assessments, Noise Assessments and Manual Handling Assessments can be captured using different templates. Hazard categories, risk matrices, templates and workflows can be tailored to meet local and global business requirements.

Built-in approval request and action management ensures assessments will be fit for purpose and actions tracked to  completion. Every record automatically gets a review date to aid effective management through your review process.  Automatically notify individuals with email reminders of due assessments and manage escalation if not completed within the specified time scale.
Have peace of mind that you are meeting compliance standards with an automatic and comprehensive audit trail.  Every record maintains a list of changes by user, date and time, giving you visibility, proof and control.
Business Intelligence tools transforms data entered in to Assure into insights to help you uncover, assess, reduce risk and predict where preventative measures will be most effective. These insights can support employee engagement and education through the sharing of best practice and identifying locations that are underperforming so you can focus resources in the right areas.

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Risk Module Benefits



  • Adopt the HSE recognised risk assessment approach


  • Audit trail of assessments to aid claims defence


  • Supports certification to recognised standards (e.g. ISO 45001)



  • Get a clear view of risk assessment review dates


  • Deliver real-time insights into risk areas


  • Record KPI’s to ensure prioritizing in the right areas


  • Easily identify hazards and improve control measures

Employee Engagement


  • Share approved risk assessments across entire workforce


  • Promote competence and share best practice


  • Save time and drive consistency by copying and creating local versions of best practice assessments


  • Configurable dropdown lists support tailored risk assessments


  • Ensure that only one published version of each risk assessment available

Risk Module Features
tick-1 Easy recording of hazards, risks and controls across the business
tick-1 Upload supporting documents including, SSOW and method statements  
tick-1 Create multiple bespoke risk assessment templates 
tick-1  Manage and track associated actions
tick-1 Add help and guidance to templates to support user adoption
tick-1 Copy function to help share best practice risk assessments 
tick-1 Approvals process to check and ensure suitable and sufficient assessment of risks 
tick-1 Ability to build bespoke inspection and assessment templates 
tick-1 RAG profiling alerts you to high risk activities/assessments
tick-1 Automated review process in place to ensure ongoing compliance of assessments 
tick-1 Interactive dashboards to view performance and track KPI’s/targets 
tick-1 Management reports for quick access to information 

As well as the sub-modules outlined below, all users benefit from the functionality outlined in our Core offering
Project Risk Assessment

Group related assessments in one location
Activity Risk Assessment

Consistently create and record activity-based
COSHH Activity Assessment
Consistently conduct COSHH Assessments against any substance and set up automatic review process

Fire Risk Assessment
Create and conduct a full fire assessment as well as track and escalate any corrective actions

DSE Assessment
Complete a DSE workstation or ergonomic assessment, and track/escalate any required corrective actions
Hazard Spotting
Easily record hazard observations and track through to resolution
Record or upload Safety Data Sheet documents

Manual Handling
Consistently create and record manual handling assessments for individuals

Noise Assessment
Consistently create and record noise assessments for individuals

General Risk Assessment
Create bespoke assessment and inspection templates




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