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G’s Are Taking a Fresh Approach to Health and Safety


Leading by example, G’s is taking an innovative approach in how it uses technology to manage health and safety – ensuring that workers' safety always comes first.


G’s brought in Assure from SHE Software with a very specific objective – to change the way health and safety is managed, widening access and increasing accountability across its organisation.


Case Studies

“Visibility has been key, without the Assure software we wouldn’t have had sight of several near misses and incidents across the business. Assure has given us the confidence that we have the evidence in place through effective reporting to remain compliant and protect against any potential claims.”

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“SHE Software’s health and safety software, Assure, has been instrumental in driving a positive, inclusive safety culture across our global business. Over 7000 behavioural conversations have been recorded since Assure was implemented alongside a significant increase in the number of near misses recorded.”

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“Quite simply, SHE Software’s health and safety system, Assure, has significantly improved our ability to access important safety data in real time – on the move and in the office.”

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