Powerful EHS Management Software that'll keep your People Safe.

Industry-leading Health and Safety Management Technology that helps ensure business compliance, minimize risks and provides a safe workplace for your people.




Empower your People. Build Engagement. Keep Everyone Safe.

Our software solution Assure, is a mobile first solution that will help you track, record and report on health and safety information in real time. We help embed safety thinking into your business by identifying trends and tracking leading indicators so you can make effective interventions to prevent and reduce incidents and injuries.

Highly configurable, easy to implement and accessible to everyone, our intuitive dashboards provide transparency to improve compliance and safety performance by enabling you to quickly analyze data to make empowered decisions through insights.  React fast, drive operational efficiencies and get better visibility so you can protect your people, ensure business compliance and reduce risks.  

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Protect your People

Ensure your people are safe to come to work are also safe once they are at work. Connect your people on the floor to the executive team in the boardroom with health and safety software that empowers and engages everyone to think and act safely all the time.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain business continuity by managing ongoing compliance to all regulations, legislation and standards relating to health and safety.  Ensure the right information is with the right person at the right time to ensure critical business decision making to protect your business.

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Minimize Risks

One solution to identify and mitigate risks, minimize incidents and impacts. Deliver cutting edge performance by using business intelligence tools to gain predictive and preventative insights. Identify hazards and risks, and stop accidents before they happen.

Provide a Safe Workplace

Your business has an obligation to provide a workplace that is safe and free of risks. Available to all your people, we'll help your team feel safe at work so they are productive contributors to your business.        

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Industry-leading Health and Safety Software that Delivers.

Assure health and safety management software is designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organization's workplace health, safety and compliance needs.

Perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry demands of varying sizes, Assure gives allows you to standardize your processes and set expectations. Build a safety culture of engagement at all levels by keeping everyone accountable and responsible.

Assure delivers value that everyone will benefit from.




Trust and Accountability

Assure is a mobile first solution that everyone can use from any device. Build trust and accountability with your team through full participation, ownership and accountability. 




Visibility and Transparency

Build a culture of transparency and visibility with your team with real time, automated and interactive dashboards. Keep all stakeholders informed at all levels.




Leadership and Engagement

Foster a culture of safety engagement that ensures that all your people go home safely at night. Safety leadership is now in the hands of everyone.



Cost Efficiencies and Time Savings

Automate your health and safety requirements so you can spend time on more important tasks for your business.  Remove manual and complex reporting requirements.



Confidence and Certainty

Mobile first and in the hands of every employee, now everyone has the tools and reporting within reach to make sure they feel safe by easily reporting unsafe and at risk behaviours.



Productivity Gains and Automation

Move away from manual processes using pen, paper and spreadsheets to a world of fluid data entry, reports and dashboard driven insights. Easily report, access and perform critical tasks.

Technology that'll Handle your Safety Challenges.




Assure health and safety software is designed to help you work smarter. Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organisation's workplace health, safety and compliance needs.

With its wide range of health and safety modules, Assure is highly configurable to suit a wide variety of industry demands of varying sizes.

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Insights+ helps you transform data into actions

Move beyond standard weekly and monthly reporting to the world of fluid, accurate insights. Insights+ helps you to identify trends, track leading indicators and predict where preventative interventions will be most effective.

Effective health and safety management is not simply about tracking and recording – it’s about using that information to gain insights and take actions that make a positive impact.

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Simple, effective risk management tools to identify, assess and manage.




Report incidents. Gather insights and improve performance.




Audit, check and inspect with confidence with our dynamic templates.




Protect all your assets to ensure safety, operability and profitability.



Modify behaviors and encourage your team to put health and safety first.



Track skills, certifications, performance and risk profile or employees and contractors.



Standardize pre-qualification and management of contractors.




Record, monitor, manage and audit your environmental compliance.



Report and access safety information for workers, contractors and suppliers via a central portal.



Identify and report issues, conduct audits, inspections and assessments at any time from anywhere.

You're in good company. Our Clients are Leaders too.

Whatever your business, we've built an enviable reputation in a variety of innovative industries and organizations all around the world.  Our clients are recognized health and safety leaders in manufacturing, construction, transport, logistics, food and beverage, utilities and sport venues.





Decades of Experience. Globally.


For more than 25 years, we’ve been developing health and safety management software. Founded in 1995, we now support over customers across different business sectors including manufacturing, construction, transport, logistics, food and beverage, utilities and sports venues.  We've built a truly global team with employees located in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Our team of technology experts are IOSH or NEBOSH (sometimes both) qualified and talk to thousands of health and safety professionals every year. This means they have an incredible overview of the challenges facing industry professionals around the world. They bring all of that insight to developing our Assure, health and safety software solution.

Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organisation's health, safety and compliance needs. Designed for the field, anyone can report health and safety information in real-time.

Not only does Assure help demonstrate your duty of care, it also reduces the financial burden of incidents and claims. All while supporting informed health and safety decisions that are fact-based.

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