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Proactive EHS management. 

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How much time do you spend on EHS admin?

How long does it take to create manual reports?
Are you frustrated about having to duplicate information across multiple systems?


How much time do you spend duplicating information across multiple systems, undertaking admin and manually compiling reports?

If the answer is too much - you’re not alone!

We speak with thousands of EHS professionals each year. On average, we find they spend at least one day a week on admin tasks, manual reporting and duplicating content across multiple systems. That's the equivalent of at least every Friday!


"We have gone from two days to compile a monthly report to half an hour."

SHE Software is here to help get your Friday back!

Assure, our EHS management software, removes the need for double entry, paper forms and multiple systems. Our customers are reducing their admin time by up to 85%.

Accessible via any mobile device, employees and contractors can easily track, report and view EHS information 24/7, on-site or off-site. 


Curious how much time you could save?

Take our ROI challenge to find out how much time you could save!  


Calculate Your Savings

Take our simple ROI challenge!

Find out how much could save by switching to a paperless health and safety solution using our free ROI calculator!

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"We have saved the equivalent of 39 days per month, allowing us to spend that time to proactively manage health an safety to drive positive change."
- Faerch

You don’t want to be stuck behind a desk. Eliminate manual processes and get back to what you care about – being proactive, keeping people safe.

Key ways in which Assure will benefit your organization




Watch our free on-demand webinar: Be more proactive by becoming more efficient

Presenters discussed some of the common productivity challenges that health and safety professionals face and how technology can help.

The webinar covered:

  • Moving responsibility out to the broader workforce
  • How technology can help reduce the admin burden
  • Business Intelligence: driving efficiencies from data-driven insights

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