“Our ultimate aim is to ensure the safety of all our employees in all areas of our business”  

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G’s is a globally diverse group of farming, fresh produce and chilled foods companies. From a small field in 1952 to an international business, G's supplies products to major supermarkets across the UK and Europe, and employs 7000 staff, contractors and seasonal workers.

“Over 17,000 behavioural conversations have been recorded since Assure was implemented alongside a significant increase in the number of near misses recorded.”  


Taking a fresh approach to safety 


Leading by example, G’s is taking an innovative approach in how it uses technology to manage health and safety – ensuring that workers' safety always comes first.


G’s brought in Assure from SHE Software with a very specific objective – to change the way health and safety is managed, widening access and increasing accountability across its organisation.

Enjoying a rich harvest


G’s proactive approach to safety has not only helped to reinforce a positive, inclusive safety culture, but has also delivered significant cost and resource savings.


Incident reporting has increased by more than 700%

More than 17,000 behavioural conversations have been recorded

Reporting conducted in real time in remote locations has eliminated duplication

One UK contractor approval process, instead of 20+ processes

Outstanding in their field


G’s has been recognised for its innovative use of safety technology, scooping the Agriculture, Food and Beverages sector award at the prestigious Verdantix HSE Innovation Awards 2018.


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We empower safety professionals to transition from a 'reactive' to a 'proactive' stance, where data can be analysed and trends identified. 

This will allow your organisation to track leading indicators and predict where preventative measures will be most effective.


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