Manage the return to work of your staff with our EHS Software

Protect your workers. Build safety engagement and shared responsibility. Ensure Business Continuity.






Protect Your Business Recovery with Assure Response


Business is starting to return to the new norm.  Workers are returning to sites and businesses are now aspiring to resume production and capacity.

We all know that business recovery will bring some immediate and unique changes to health and safety - the hierarchy of controls will change, risk assessments will need to be reviewed and workers re-trained in light of new PPE and social distancing requirements.  You must evidence that you have done everything that is reasonably practicable to protect your workforce from COVID-19.

This is where Assure Response can help.

We've built Assure Response as an easy, simple and straight forward health and safety software solution for managing the safe return to work of your staff.



Protect Your Workers & Stay Compliant

Quickly and easily create and review risk assessments given the rapidly evolving social distancing and PPE requirements.  Manage staff training, whether onsite or working from home.  Ensure ongoing compliance through regular inspections and audits.


Build Safety Engagement & Responsibility

All your employees have a responsibility to protect the safety of your workforce. Protect your organization and reinforce this with easy to use hazard, incident and illness reporting which are accessible to all employees, on-site or at home, via any mobile device.



Ensure Business Continuity

Once you are open, stay open by removing the risk that pen, paper and spreadsheets pose to your orgainzation. Present managers with the information they need to track the wellness of your employees, contractors and visitors and make informed decisions to manage ongoing compliance and operations.

Once You're Open, Stay Open


Assure Response not only helps your business safely re-open, it helps you put best practice health and safety systems and controls in place so you can quickly return to normal capacity. Should another crisis happen in the future, you can be confident that Assure Response will position you well to proactively navigate it.

Avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 across your workforce with pen and paper.  Move away from spreadsheets containing out-of-date data to our cloud based health and safety solution that proactively helps ensure business resilience. 

Create new risk assessment templates, train your workers and monitor their compliance to new procedures and policies.

Track the location of your staff, contractors and visitors across your site(s) to identify any persons who may have come into contact with an infected person.

Assess the health and wellness of your workers, contractors and visitors before they arrive on-site.






Risk Assessment

Easily create, review and approve risk assessments online

  • Move risk assessments to the cloud and away from pen and paper
  • Create new controls around re-start checks, operating procedures, safety controls, social distancing, equipment wipe downs and PPE
  • Quickly identify, assess and manage workplace risks
  • Delegate and share responsibility across all workers



Ensure full visibility and transparency with online inspections

  • Quickly and easily carry out mobile inspections from anywhere across your workplace
  • As your workers return to work, quickly and easy track compliance with new inspection procedures
  • Get full transparency and visibility on trends and hot spots
  • Ensure all your new procedures, safe systems of work and manual handling procedures are being followed











Manage ongoing compliance, reduce risks and minimize impact.

  • Simplify audits to ensure risk assessments, social distancing, hygiene and clean down procedures are being followed.
  • Audit, check and inspect with confidence.
  • Design dynamic templates with intelligent features that mean only relevant questions are posed.
  • Easily upload evidence and create actions for non-conformances or recommendations.

Why choose Assure Response


Assure Response is a tailored version of our comprehensive EHS software, Assure.

It is specifically designed to help organizations manage the re-opening of your business and the return to work of your employees.

As Assure Response is a true cloud solution, you don’t need to worry about installing software. Access it directly from your mobile device, iPad or computer.



Real Time Data & Reports

  • Track illness and return to work
  • Monitor and approve visitors
  • Quickly spot priorities



Mobile Accessible

  • Online portal that all workers can access
  • View all risk assessments, training, inspections and audits



Online Dashboards

  • Track your business response
  • Spot trends and hot spots
  • Make informed decisions



Share Information

  • No log in required - give everyone access
  • Create new assessments and training requirements
  • Choose what to publish and when


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About SHE Software

For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing health and safety management software. Founded in 1995, we now serve over 250 customers globally across many diverse business sectors. With offices across the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand we are truly are a global team.
Our team of technology experts are IOSH and/or NEBOSH qualified and talk to thousands of health and safety professionals every year. This means they have an incredible overview of the challenges facing industry professionals around the world. We bring all of that insight into developing our health and safety software solution, Assure.
Mobile-accessible, highly configurable and insights driven, Assure provides a flexible solution to meet all your organisation's health, safety and compliance needs. Designed for the field, anyone can report health and safety information in real-time.
Not only does Assure help demonstrate your duty of care, it also reduces the financial burden of incidents and claims. All while supporting informed health and safety decisions that are fact-based.

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